Rider Warning

IMPORTANT: This is an adventure race, not a holiday
 Warning about danger of racing, on your own, unsupported…

The Trans Afrika is a Solo, Teams of Two Unsupported, Race. All of those words are important and you need to consider what each of them means. There is a category for selected Teams of 4 that can be supported

You will be on your own most, if not all, of the time and you will be travelling through all manner places you may not have been before, without any outside assistance. Your personal security and safety will be highly dependent on the judgments and decisions you and you alone make, including (but not by any means limited to):

  • When and where to eat, rest and sleep and when to ride.
  • How much food and water to carry.
  • Which roads to cycle on and which areas to pass through or visit.
  • Preparing for the terrain and weather and light conditions.
  • Who to trust and how to keep your bike and personal belongings secure.
  • Maintaining the road-worthiness of your bicycle and making repairs.

While this is a race we strongly advise that you do not take unnecessary risks that may compromise your safety and that you consider all the risks presented to you and their consequences. If the rules committee deems that a competitor has been willfully reckless with regard to their own safety or that of others when they reserve the right to disqualify the rider. Riders may not necessarily learn of their disqualification before they cross the finish line.

If you enter as a team and one of you quits then the rider continuing can be re-categorized as solo entry. Riders in the solo category can ride together there are no rules about drafting, you may draft. In the team of 4 entries if a rider quits then the team may carry on but will not be official finishers.

By entering you are certifying yourself as a competent cyclist and solo adventure traveller with both the physical fitness and sound mind to compete. You are also acknowledging that you will be solely responsible for the decisions you make and any risks that you take and that in the event of any unfortunate incidents, there is a high likelihood that you will have to self rescue and that could mean walking out from a remote location.

I have read this warning and understand that I am about to sign up to an adventure that may pose danger to my health and even my life and I can’t rely on someone coming to get me if it all goes wrong.

Click here if you agree to the Rider Warning Agreement

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