Final Warning

Cycling might be a fairly benign activity around your local lanes, but while crossing foreign countries, riding in traffic, in inclement conditions, on roads you don’t know, at night, while fatigued and hungry, it can be very dangerous indeed.

Falls from a bike can result in broken bones, spinal injuries, brain damage and even death. Collision with a motor vehicle increases the chances of the above significantly.

The Trans Afrika will be a race of a minimum of Two Thousand Eight Hundred Kilometers (2800 Kilometers) with no support spanning multiple different countries with subtly different cultures, road rules and driving behaviours. This will be the second event of its kind. This means that it may be the case that you suffer short and long-term physical effects that cannot be predicted.

The nature of the Trans Afrika means that if you are involved in an incident or become sick or injured, the response time of the emergency GIOS services will depend on your location and your ability to communicate. This means you may be numerous hours and miles away from the nearest medical assistance. If you are injured in a way that requires specialist attention, it may be the case that the area you are in does not have adequate medical facilities to treat your injuries and you will need to be evacuated for treatment in another area or country.

As a MINIMUM you should have the following:

  • Comprehensive travel insurance with medical evacuation (including airlift)
  • Cycle helmet
Nevarest smartphone App tracking**
Front and rear lights**
Medical note of physical fitness to participate.

*must be worn whenever cycling

It is your responsibility to maintain the working order of these at all times.

It is also your responsibility to evaluate the risks when choosing which roads to cycle on and under what conditions. This includes light conditions, weather conditions, traffic conditions and your own physical condition.

If you have fully read and taken this warning on board, and you would still like to ride in the Trans Afrika, then it’s time to read on…

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