Day 7 wind, roofs and scratches

Day 7 and the wind arrived with 25 to 30 knots of gusting horrible warm wind. The wind is countrywide and when we left Ladybrand the wind picked up and by the time we passed Steffen at Middleburg we were being blown off our feet.
We caught up with Colin and Andrew at Ladybrand where they were do a customer service review of the local Wimpy. Colin and Andrew have stopped at nearly every Wimpy from Beitbridge so far. They are experts in Lime milk shakes and fruit salads. There plan was Hobday today but they swept past it and proceeded to Wepner. Rest up there and leave very early to try and get under the wind in the morning, a smart move.
Kenny left Fouriesburg early and was at the border for the 06h00 opening time. Kenny summited the Moteng Pass at 11h30, great going on a bike that weighs about 30 kgs. Kenny said the wind was so bad he had to push his bike down Moteng, but he’s saved some brake pad use for the Swartburg Pass. That was all I had to write, then at 15h30 we were sent a message that a roof had fallen on Kenny.
Kenny was pushing his bike against the wind still in Lesotho and had just decided to ride. He got on his bike and the wind blew him off his bike and the roof belonging to a house then landed on him. Luckily the handlebars took some of the weight of the roof. He sustained a large scratch, bent bar ends and a funny wheel. Kenny sorted out his bike and carried on towards Ficksburg. You could not make this stuff up.
Steffen left Burgersdorp and seemed to be making good time towards Middleburg. We caught up with him just past Middleburg and he was spinning his legs against the wind and looked like he was riding sideways against the wind. As usual he was smiling. I cannot say enough nice about Steffen he really is a nice guy and I am amazed at his stamina and power. Steffen is a committed vegetarian and is riding eating eggs, nuts etc. “I Know I should not be surprised, but I am, this man is a machine and its exceptional as its against all the rules we have been told, Meat, etc.” Incredible he is a seriously focused and organized man. Lessons to be learned here !!!!!
Any way Steffen is riding sideways towards Aberdeen and will leave earlier than usual to get through to Prince Albert and maybe Calitzdorp tomorrow. He will need to put in a couple of big days to beat the 10 days 22 Hours set by Dan and Hannele in 2014. Smart money is on a Monday finish late.