Day 6 Colin and Andrew eat Moteng

Day 6 and we have the duo of Colin Anderson and Andrew Bradford summiting the Moteng Pass which they did in 5 hours 28 and 5 hours 21 respectively. The time was taken from the Fouriesburg Inn. We caught them at the base of the Pass and they were in fine form, a kilometer later there was less talking and I’m sure they were still smiling though, could have been a grimace. The boys rode strong and even the adventure motorcyclist revving past did not deter them.
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On the way down the hard climb took its toll and the pair have decided to stay at Fouriesburg for the night before heading south. This climb is monster and so is the road in and out. Really not for the faint hearted.
Kenny left Warden early and was making very good progress until he turned towards Fouriesburg from Bethlehem and cycled straight into a head wind. The distance took far longer than Kenny wanted and he has decided to have a good nights rest at the Fouriesburg Inn, give his bike some attention, and get food, then sprint up Moteng in the morning. With the wind and potential rain in Fouriesburg this maybe a wise decision.
The mean Machine Steffen left Ladybrand at 05h00 and was thorough Hobhouse by 07h00 at 15h00 he was in Aliwal North. Steffen put in another big ride and at 19h40 found a hotel in Burgersdorp to settle down after a day of hills and head winds.

Tomorrow might see Seffen heading for Willowmore or even Prince Albert depending on the wind. There is cooler temperatures forecast for the Cape but more wind is likely.