Chaeli Campaign: Hope In Motion

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Having needed a motorised wheelchair, and having raised R20,000 in seven weeks for this, the Chaeli Campaign was founded by Chaeli Mycroft, her sister Erin, and family friends, Terry, Justine and Chelsea as a non-profit organization to help children with disabilities throughout South Africa. Soon after, adults joined forces alongside the original founders (now called the Founding Committee) to help with the business side. Now in its 10th year in existence as a registered NPO, the Chaeli Campaign runs various campaigns in aid of children with disabilities, as well as actively mobilising the hearts, minds, and bodies of children.

Chaeli’s aim is simple: to aid in improved independence. By opening up a world of hearing by providing hearing aids or by giving children a canvas to help express themselves through laptops, Chaeli wants to give hope to the lives of all children with disabilities as well as their families by bettering each child’s independence, education, socialisation, and intergration into their own committee.

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The Chaeli Campaign is the first NPO in South Africa that is founded by children who are active members of the Management Committee. The Founding Committee – the five campaigners who started it all – are still actively involved in promoting the Chaeli Campaign and this emphasises their maxim: Administered by Adults – Powered by Kids. The Chaeli Campaign wants to change the life of one disabled child at a time in a very significant way.

About Team YOLO


Team YOLO SA realized that this life isn’t a test run for the next one. With this in mind, together they decided on living life to the fullest and to do the very best that they can do.

The two members of Team YOLO SA, Francois and Marius, having completed Matric in 1986, moved on to completing service in the SANDF (South African National Defence Force). Their paths crossed, having met whilst working at the same restaurant group. Regardless of the distance, with Francois based in Johannesburg and Marius in Stellenbosch, they progressed through the ranks having both started out as waitrons until later owning their own restaurants. It was in 1997 when they met and they built a solid business relationship, seeing them become great friends who share a mutual love of sport, the outdoors, travel and adventure.

Hearing about the Trans Afrika Bike Race, Marius and Francois were both sold on the experience, as they both have a passion to explore Africa, and what better way to do that is by participating in the race. With a goal of completing the race for themselves, they’ve also decided to race in aid of creating awareness and in order to raise funds to the Chaeli Campaign.


Both Francois and Marius have a passion to learn more about Africa and to explore the continent. When they heard
about the Trans Afrika Bike Race they were sold! They would be able to participate in an event that combined sport, adventure, the outdoors and Africa! Francois and Marius would like to complete the Trans Afrika Bike Race for themselves but more than that they would like to do so while raising awareness and funds for The Chaeli Campaign.

And, as Marius states: “We have no exceptional sporting achievements or accolades. There is nothing special about us apart from our goal to live our lives to the fullest. If we can be an example to others during the process then we will be so proud to do just that!”


Francois and Marius have set a fundraising target of R 200 000.00 by November 2014 in support of The Chaeli Campaign projects, specifically for the Inclusive Early Childhood Development Centre.

To contribute to Marius and Francois’s goal and to aid their fundraising effort, click the link below:

The Chaeli Campaign/Team YOLO SA fundraising campaian